Mrs. Jesusa Puyat-Concepcion
Chairman & President

My Fellow Loyolans,

We celebrate our 39th anniversary within the centenary of our founder’s birthday. It is indeed a wonderful coincidence for us who today are at the helm of the company’s management and operations. We recall the greatness of our founder and his vision for a way that would help prepare many Filipinos for the imponderable certainties of life. After about 40 years, this vision has become an industry that has provided benefits to millions of Filipinos. Our years of tested and uninterrupted service to our planholders surely would make him happy. As we continue to face the challenges of our industry, let us recall how difficult it was to get started then. Let us not forget too, the difficulties we encountered when we broke away from open-ended plans. These difficulties turned into opportunities and these opportunities are now beautiful and gratifying realities for us and our planholders. We face the future with greater determination to restore people’s confidence in a product that we all need. As we adapt to the market’s current requirements, the untiring dedication to our sales people particularly this year’s awardees, convince us that we again will regain people’s confidence in our company and industry.

We thank God for His continued guidance and protection over the years and we pray for His constant help in the coming years as we strive to work even harder for our people and our country.