Loyola @ 41

Continuing Its Commitment to Serve with Integrity in Challenging Times!

Forty-One Years ago, Loyola Plans Consolidated, Inc. (Loyola), became the prism of change to the Filipino Mentality on the Memorial Service. Death had been a serious matter to discuss because of the Superstitious Culture of the Filipinos. His plan to pursue the Memorial Service Design of Loyola might be unacceptable to the Filipinos and would not gain any rewarding prosperity.

But through the knowledge and desire to help the Filipinos, the Founder, the Late Sen. Gil J. Puyat, Sr., broke the barriers that hinder the spirit of possibility. Through his rational decisions and love for Filipinos, he had bridged the gap and won over the confidence of the Filipinos toward the memorial service he had designed.

Loyola, after 41 Years of continuous service, became one of the largest pre-need companies in the country. It has lived its vision and mission, followed all its business and ethical principles and has attained its goals and objectives. It has developed its products and has sold its Life Plan, Pension Plan and the Non-Traditional Education Plan. The company has stood high among all other pre-need companies as it humbly landed but constantly as one of the Top 1000 Corporations of the country.

Loyola, indeed, has been tested by time and has endured changes. In spite of the global economic crises, the strong foundation of Loyola Plan has remained firm through the synergizing effort of its leaders, workforce and the whole salespeople. The knowledge of its leaders, the competence of its workforce and the dedication of its salespeople are the evident ingredients of Loyola’s Success despite all the confronting economic issues and challenges. These forces have pottered Loyola as one of the greatest vessels in the pre-need industry today.
As Loyola moves forward, it will bring to life the great philosophy of its Founder, the late Senator Gil J. Puyat Sr. Loyola will continue to soar higher through the combined efforts of management, employees and salespeople in continuing their commitments to their planholders, to live and stay faithful to its avowed values and culture. These will definitely solidify the commitment to serve with integrity especially in these challenging times.