Loyola @ 42

Moving Towards Brighter Horizons

In the past 42 years, since its establishment, Loyola has not rested on its laurels. The company hurdled the odds and adapted to the dictates of the times, to emerge as the oldest pre-need company in continuous service to the Filipinos. Since its establishment by the late Senate President Gil J. Puyat Sr., the institution has grown to be the leader in the pre-need industry; from the memorial parks, chapels and pre-need plans, all components have been seamlessly integrated into one formidable service oriented institution. Loyola is also one of the first pre-need companies that was issued a license to operate by the Insurance Commission of the Philippines under Batas Pambansa 9829 (otherwise known as the Pre-Need Code of the Philippines), affirming that sound and diligent management practices is indeed one of Loyola’s hallmark of success.

Guided by the founder’s motto of “Above all, integrity” and aided by the latest technology (such as the PLDT SWUP, cellular based land lines, bank on-line payment options, internet marketing and feedback channels and collection facilities such as SM, MLhuillier, BDO, BPI, East-West, Metrobank and Security bank among others), Loyola has consolidated its backline functions thru its innovative delivery of its services to the Regional offices, District offices and even straight to the plan holders themselves.

For the Strategic Sales Division, the New Directions Program has delivered passionate, committed and excellent sales force which resulted in a record number of National Awardees for 2010. Together with our corporate selling program, which has continuously cemented sales performance and persistency in collection, made Loyola a by-word in the Pre-need industry - reaping awards and recognition such as the following: AIM Awards, Austra-Asia Award and Superbrands.

Loyola has also embarked on a massive modernization campaign. Loyola now has five chapels with the modern amenities, equipped with the latest “green” cremation machine which is guaranteed to be environment friendly. By the last quarter of 2010, Loyola shall be unveiling its biggest chapel – the Loyola Memorial Chapels, Crematorium and Columbary in Commonwealth. This P300 million peso, 3-storey edifice is a testament to the company’s commitment to its plan holders.

As Loyola celebrates its 42nd year of continuous service, we continue to focus on our commitment that Loyola will continue to serve its plan holders and stakeholders with dedication and integrity as we “Move Towards Brighter Horizons.”