On its 38th solid years in the business

Thirty eight years ago, the concept of pre-need, particularly the memorial plan, is an impossible proposition for Filipinos since preparing for someone's death then was a taboo. It could be said that such impression could be hard for any company who would venture into memorial services. Success would be very slim while failure would be guaranteed.

But the founder of Loyola Plans Consolidated, Inc. (LPCI) held a different view. The late Sen. Gil J. Puyat, Sr. had a vision that a memorial service company could succeed if founded on genuine service and integrity.

And so Loyola was born, and the journey for pre-need's acceptance in the Filipino psyche began. Armed with nothing but a burning desire to serve and to help, the company entered the pre-need industry by storm, leading the young industry into a multi-billion market that is now. Ever since, Loyola became synonymous with service, and quality.

Today, the company celebrates its 38th year Anniversary with rich history of success and pride. And its core virtues of determination, perseverance, and genuine service have grown so rapidly that it formed part of the corporate system.

The recent pre-need crisis threatens to topple the carefully-built public acceptance of the industry. Such challenge proved too strong that even top players came to their knees. As the crisis progresses, and as the ground shakes with more companies falling, Loyola's integrity soared fearlessly above.

The company viewed these challenges as a sign to advance, develop, and improve. Loyola reinforced its service arsenal with new approaches to facilitate transactions and delight Planholders. It adopted the advantages of computer technology to provide on-line access to clients.

In terms of communication, Loyola merged the benefits of mobile phones and desktop into a more efficient service channel. Through the Blackberry, reinstatements, plan inquiry, and other related services can now be transacted at the flick of a finger.

Payment of plans became very much easier and faster. Loyola bills payment system covers banks, credit cards, auto-debit system, malls, and soon on-line and via mobile phones.

Loyola's services from first-call transactions to issuance of plan benefits have improved in leaps and bounds. The company is first in issuing plan benefits in advance, more particularly in education plans where the Planholders need them before enrollment. It receives calls from grieving families and provides professional services anytime of the day and any day of the week.

Loyola makes sure that its culture of excellence and paramount leadership transcends to every aspect of its operations, that is, from its employees to processes. Its backline operation is equipped with skilled personnel and facilities to provide the stability and flexibility that the market demands.

Loyola maintains only highly-trained salesforce. Education on the needs of the Planholders as well as optimum service are among its paramount concern. The company's Sales Division has been initiating training programs designed to meet the specific requirements of agents, sales managers, and business partners.

Loyola has been involved with comprehensive introduction of its products to local government, where the base of the Filipino market converge. This enlightens the public of the importance of the pre-need plan in their lives and that its part in the growth and success of the Filipino household.

Filipinos are assured that every time they transact with Loyola, they deal with professional and highly trained people, like its agents, employees, and even partners. Loyola asserts leadership in these areas and it excels in these aspects. It breeds only performers who understand the business and know how to make the clients happy.

As the company celebrates its 38th solid year in the business, it guarantees to keep its commitment to the public. That is, to deliver the much needed services and assistance. The aspiration and dream of every Filipino are built on a foundation with the finest structural integrity. It is founded on Loyola's unique understanding of the market.

Loyola is not only an established brand in the country, it has become part of every Filipino's financial psychology. With its responsive products and service, no wonder that Loyola is now a lifestyle.